The Natick Comets hockey program was established in 1952 and has been providing a positive youth hockey, learning, social, and sportsmanship experience for Comets participants for 64 years.

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Comets Team Head Coach VHL Full Team Name VHL Short Team Name
Mite A Vose AAA1 M1
Mite B Carapezza AAA2 M2
U8 DiDiandomenico AA M3
Mite C   A1 M4
Mite D Marashio A2 M5
Squirt A Lavelle AAA S1
Squirt B Mortarelli AA1 S2
Squirt C Daehler AA2 S3
Squirt D Bracken A S4
Pee Wee A Reynolds AAA P1
Pee Wee B1 Hourihan AA1 P2
Pee Wee B2 Fiore AA2 P3
Pee Wee C1 Downey A1 P4
Pee Wee C2 Stevens A2 P5
Pee Wee D Ogarkov A3 P6
Bantam A Collins AAA B1
Bantam B Connolly AA B2
Bantam C Campbell A B3
Midget A Schneider AAA H1
Midget B Balcom A H 2