The Natick Comets hockey program was established in 1952 and has been providing a positive youth hockey, learning, social, and sportsmanship experience for Comets participants for 64 years.

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The Natick Comets House League is an instructional program designed to build on hockey skills developed in the Learn to Play (Skills Development) program and to prepare skaters for the Natick Comets Travel Teams.  The program runs from Mid-November through April on a set, weekly schedule.  It allows players of different ages (6 to 12) and abilities to participate in skill development sessions and supervised cross-ice hockey games. The House League program introduces skaters to recreational hockey games while continuing to develop their fundamental hockey skills.  The program also exposes the skaters to the position of goalie with plenty of opportunity for every player spend some time in net.  (Goalie equipment is provided).  Each weekend will include a practice/skills session on Saturday and a game on Sunday. Practices typically include four or more stations developed from USA Hockey, age-appropriate drills. More stations (dependent on coach availability – see below for info) helps limit group sizes and increases time spent skating.  For Sunday games, the ice is sectioned off down the center line to allow for two separate games.  These small ice games help to maximize puck contact, stimulate quick thinking, and foster teamwork. With four teams per hour, the program limits time on the bench between shifts yielding plenty of ice time for each player.

Prior to the start of the Team Play Season, players will be evaluated on the skill levels to create balanced teams.  Both days are comprised of drills and small area games (e.g. 3on3 in one end of the ice).  Following the first weekend, players will be assigned to a team, and they will receive a jersey and socks before their Saturday session the following weekend (second weekend of the program).  In some cases, players with more ability will be shifted into the second hour.  (Parents are always consulted before making any shifts.)

Director of House League:  Ron Chin



The House League Program will run from November 16, 2019 to Sunday, April 5, 2020.  Weekend ice times are Saturdays at 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM and Sundays at 3:30 PM and 4:40 PM

For the first weekend of evaluations, the Saturday 1:00 PM and the Sunday 3:30 PM hours are for the skaters ages 8 and younger.  The Saturday 2:00 PM and Sunday 4:40 PM hours are for the skaters ages 9 and older.  The Director and Coaching Team will consult with parents if they would like to shift any players from the first hour (8 and under) to the second hour. 


There are no house league sessions on the following dates due to competing Comets’ ice requirements:

  • December 7 and 8, 2019
  • Saturday, January  18 and 19, 2020
  • Saturday, March 14 and 15, 2020


Tuition cost for the 2019-2020 season:  $475

IMPORTANT: Skaters are required to wear hockey gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, athletic cup/pelvic protector, shin pads, hockey pants, and hockey helmet with cage or face shield and a mouth guard. Figure skates are not allowed. Players must also have a hockey stick.  A neck guard is optional but highly recommended. Players that do not have all required equipment will not be allowed on the ice.   


The House League Program is always in need of dedicated coaches to help make the practices and games seamless.  We encourage parents to join their players on the ice--even if you didn't play organized hockey.  There is no shortage of work: from intricate skating and stick-handling drills down to moving equipment and groups around the ice.  Over the years, the Learn to Play (Skills Development) and House League have been the feeder programs for the Natick Comets Travel Hockey Teams.  For House League, the Director will assign two Head Coaches for each hour that will develop practice plans for each Saturday practice session, assign coaches to stations, and manage the ice.  Coaches will run drills, offer encouragement, and generally foster FUN for the beginning players.  All responsibilities are great preparation for moving onto a Travel Team as your child progresses through the Comets’ program.  Please contact Ron Chin if you are interested in coaching at  

Coaching Requirements

Coaches need to register as a coach and obtain their own USA Hockey number from the USA Hockey web site  The cost is approximately $47 and will be reimbursed by the Comets. 

In addition, USA Hockey is requiring that you complete a CORI form on the MA Hockey site  The CORI needs to be completed regardless of whether you have completed one for another program/school in the area. 

You will also need to complete the three online forms located under the Online Forms section of this website.   Once you finish these requirements, please email Ron Chin at    for additional information.  (The whole process takes 15-30 minutes).  Coaches are required to have the following equipment:  hockey skates, hockey gloves, a hockey helmet, and a stick.

Student Coach Policy

For the 2019-2020 season, the Comets welcome High School aged players to assist in coaching.  Please download the USA Hockey Student Coach form and email it to Ron Chin at

There will be no coaches below the High School level permitted at ANY TIME