Financial Information

The Natick Comets Hockey Club, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt organization, managed by the current Board of Directors.  The size of the Board of Directors ranges from 13 to 19 members, all whom are non-paid volunteers.  The coaches, team managers, instructors and event coordinators are also non-paid volunteers.  

Travel team tuition and skill development and house league program monies are used for funding all hockey operations including ice rentals, league fees, registrations, equipment and player development clinics.  

Our largest expense is the practice ice rental.  We are fortunate to conduct our practices exclusively at the William Chase Arena in Natick.  In a typical year 60% of the tuition money is used to purchase ice.  Every year the hourly ice rental rate rises and every year we request additional ice time.   

Our second largest expense is the league fees. In a typical year 25% of tuition money is used to pay league fees. Our travel teams are registered in the Valley Hockey League and the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls League.  All other Natick players and teams are registered in either the House League or the Skill Development program.  

Our third largest expense is tournament hosting and participation.  In a typical year 8% of tuition money is used to pay player and coach fees.  

Other expense areas that make up the remaining 7% are:  

  • Administration Cost
  • Fundraising Expenses
  • House and Skill Development Program
  • Skating Evaluations.  

Note: The skater and goalie skills clinics are typically covered by the fundraising activities from the previous year and travel jerseys are covered by the sponsorship activities.  For the past 60 years the Natick Comets Hockey Club, Inc. has been extremely fortunate to have devoted and loyal families who freely contribute time, talent and dollars to the program.  It is only through that unique support that the Natick Comets Hockey Club has remained successful and competitive.  If anyone has questions on how the program is operated or how the money is spent, please contact either the President or the Treasurer of the Natick Comets.

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