2021-2022 Covid Policy

All program participants/families,

The Natick Board of Health has issued a mask mandate starting on August 16th for everyone entering Chase Arena and any other Natick municipal public buildings. A mask is required for all skaters, coaches, and spectators when at the arena regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be worn in all areas of the rink including locker rooms, on the ice, and benches.  

Under current state guidelines -- anyone unvaccinated or partially vaccinated should wear a mask when indoors. The Comets are requiring compliance with this guideline when not at Natick Chase Arena.  

The state in conjunction with the CDC is advising fully vaccinated individuals to wear a mask when indoors if you have a weakened immune system, or have underlying medical conditions, or live with someone with a weakened immune system. 

The Comets expect all participants and their families to follow whatever masking rules are in place at the individual locations which we visit for practices, scrimmages, or games.

Coaches - At this time there are no restrictions in terms of use of locker rooms, benches, combined warm-ups, full-ice skates, combined practices or scrimmages. Coaches should be modeling proper mask usage for their teams when masks are required.

The Comets Board will continue to work with our local Board of Health and follow all state guidelines. If recommendations change or additional mandates are put in place, we will adjust our policies as needed.  

Thank You

The Natick Comets Board of Directors